SOCOM Central | Mission Statement

SOCOM Central exists to be the foremost establishment for all things pertaining to the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs series. The main purpose is to centralize the SOCOM fan base and inherently empower it with a voice and identity. We will use our voice to establish a relationship with Sony-PlayStation. We will uphold an enterprising mindset, and by existing, empower the fan base to do the same. SOCOM Central is a brand of honesty, integrity, maturity and articulate style.

State of SOCOM Address

To my fellow SOCOMers,

Today marks our Crossroads with legacy and destiny! Fifteen years ago, our favorite series began the online multiplayer experience for console, a milestone for video game culture. Opportunity is upon us to seize this current era of stagnation as our turning point.The only way is upward and onward from here. In fifteen years we have not yet wielded our potential to establish a relationship of understanding with Sony-PlayStation and SOCOM's developers.

e-SEALs | Mission Statement

It is the express concern of the e-SEALs branch of SOCOM Central to foster an integral environment of competition solely for the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs series. An earnest mindset and attitude may be expected throughout the ongoing quest to discover and establish whom among the fan base are the SOCOM elite. Growing the competitive community is of great interest, so best efforts to facilitate growth will be applied always. e-SEALs devotes itself to these causes, and pledges an utmost fair experience.